Have Children Will Festival

If you’re looking for a festival that not only appeals to you but to your children look no further than The Good Life Experience.  Held in Hawarden, a gorgeous Cheshire village close to Chester, the feeling of community, creativity and the great outdoors is mixed with music and the power of the spoken word.


A family friendly festival that inspires and includes everyone even the family dog.  There was so much for children to do, mine choose to create masterpieces at the amazing scene machine with Jim Parkyn, the talented model maker from Aardman Animations.

rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-169  rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-168  rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-166   rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-175   rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-178

They learnt how to artfully carve pumpkins with the uber talented Amy Swann and got the basics of the art of sausage making with the Hawarden Estate Farm Shop butchery team!

rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-126   rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-122   rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-142

The festival even catered specially for children by giving them their own childrens cafe that is run by children! A fun concept that is loud and chaotic and shouldn’t work but does, extremely well, with a lot of smiles and happy customers!

rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-54   rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-91   rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-95rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-97

If that wasn’t enough throw in free fair ground rides and marshmallow roasting and its a slam dunk, happy children = happy parents

rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-39   rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-38rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-46   rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-41

This was the second year my family experienced the Good Life and without a doubt we will be back again next year.  My two highlights of this fabulous festival are happening upon an outdoor poetry reading to a string quartet by Mike Garry, the sunlight, words and music moved me and will forever stay in the corner of my memory.  And last but no way least is co-founder of the festival, Cerys Matthews, her talk, singing and poetry was grounded, inspiring and uplifting.

Thank you Good Life Experience, don’t stop!

rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-84   rachel-kay-photography-glf-2016-80